About Us



Company Profile


ANSI Information Systems, Inc. was established in 1987 in recognition of a growing need for better information systems to meet the increasing complexities in the retail and food business.

In time, it has expanded to meet the challenges and demands of other industries as well.  The core values of the company remain:

  • To provide the most cost-effective and efficient solutions to its customers.
  • To provide extensive support and ensure quality service to the clients.
  • To make sure that its people and clients are trained and constantly made aware of the developments in the computer industry.

Technical Expertise
The people are programmers, technicians, and business analysts belonging to the top universities, and have traveled extensively in order to keep abreast with the changing technology. The combined expertise includes working experiences in the fields of software research and development, retail and consumer industry, manufacturing, banking, and programme planning. To date, ANSI has a team of 30 software support engineers, 20 hardware engineers, 10 programmers, 18 SAP consultants and project managers. The wealth of technical experience and industry insight guarantees that ANSI will be able to respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Awards & Recognitions

  • Most Improved Dealer for 1997 - Continuum / IBM for IBM SureOne
  • Outstanding Sales for World’s First Installation of Epson IR 1998
  • Most Improved Dealer for 1999 - Continuum / IBM for IBM SureOne
  • Year 2000 Product Excellence for IBM 4614 SureOne
  • Clexpert Business Partner 2001 – 1st Place
  • Year 2002 Product Excellence for IBM 4614 SureOne
  • IBM Value Partner – 2003 Hundred Percent Achiever
  • IBM Market Growth Achievement Award 2004 – Retail Store Solutions
  • IBM Business Partner of the Year 2005 – Retail Store Solutions
  • IBM 100% Achiever Award Year 2005 - Retail Store Solutions
  • 2006 Product Excellence for IBM 4614 SureOne
  • IBM 2006 Solutions Provider Award
  • Best Consultant 2007 – SAP Philippines
  • IBM Value Partner - 2007 Hundred Percent Achiever
  • Epson Top 10 Dealer Award 2007
  • 2008 Epson Top 5 Dealer Award
  • 2008 IBM Solutions Provider Award
  • 2009 Epson Platinum Awardee
  • 2010 SAP Gold Partner
  • 2010 Epson Top 2 Dealer Award
  • 2011 Epson Top Dealer Award
  • 2011 SAP Gold Partner
  • 2012 Epson Top Dealer Award
  • 2012 SAP Gold Partner
  • 2013 Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Inc. Market Achievement Award
  • 2013 SAP Gold Partner
  • 2013 Epson Platinum Partner
  • 2014 SAP Gold Partner
  • 2014 Epson Platinum Partner