WinVQP POS for Food (Retail Management System)

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The WINVQP Food POS System is a PC-based, multi-user retail management system for the Quick Service Industry.  It lets you customize the touch screen for specific food items and keeps track of on-line inventory from food and drinks, to condiments, raw materials and packaging ingredients. It has strong sales analysis functions for monitoring customer patterns such as day of the week, time of day or hourly sales. Cashier accountability and productivity can also be tracked. Orders may be dine-in, take-out, bulk order or for delivery.   Orders can be entered via mobile POS.  The kitchen is advised of orders from a kitchen monitor or printer.

The WINVQP food POS system is easy to use, flexible and customizable. Optionally, the WINVQP food POS has a drive-thru and party module, as well.